The Munda Dictionary Project

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The Munda Dictionary Project aims to make dictionaries of the Munda languages available in an easy-to-read format to a wider audience. At present, there exist a relatively small number of excellent dictionaries on various Munda languages available in various formats. While some of these have been published in book form, many others are still only available as photocopies of hard-to-obtain manuscripts and are often known only to a few select researchers scattered around the world. It is the goal of the Munda Dictionary Project to bring these dictionaries together and to make them available to a wider audience, free of charge, in as unified a format as possible.

Unless otherwise noted (e.g., with the Kharia dictionary, which was compiled by myself and my team here at the University of Kiel, Germany), the project’s team members make no claim to any originality with respect to the content of the various dictionaries, other than to provide as uniform a format as possible and to collect data from as many published and unpublished manuscripts as possible. It is hoped that this will increase awareness of these often neglected works, many of which are highly useful and still standard, despite their age, and will also aid researchers of these languages, as the dictionaries provide not only the means of translating from these Munda languages into English, but also for searching directly for corresponding lexemes in these languages for the English terms, thereby facilitating comparative historical studies, among others.