B - b

Babilon bulbul
baby girl boy
bachelor ɖinɖa
back kunɖaʔb
· pachli
back and forth in a fight uʈha uʈhi
backwards argamjargam
· ereŋga
· pachli
bad bekar
bake (chapatis) laʔɖ
bake (chapatis, seldom) laʔɖ
balance baʈkhara
· taraju
bald munɖi
· ʈhuɽlu
baldness caɽray
· ceʈhla
ball genda
· laɖu
baluwa baluwa
bamboo konɖeŋ
bamboo shoot karil
· koleʔɖ
banana kera
· komɖol
Bandoi feast bandoy
bang something on something thosɽaydu
bangle kaɽam
bank hiɽo
· parkha
· sitil
bank (of a river) siniŋ
banyan tree jaraʔ
· tabkar
barber nuwa
bargain paʈay
bark bhuʔ
bark (verb) bhabru
bark of a tree bakla
· kaloʔb
barley jawa
barren buffalo kaɽi
barren woman bãjhi
· bohila
base sumboʔ
bask in the sun ɲom
basket biɖ
· ɖali
· dawɽa
· kunɖui
· ʈuknu
basket (small one which is square-bottomed and round-mouthed) gonbiɖ
basket which holds one seer khanɖi
Bassia latifolia (tree) murun
bat (animal) bhadɽib
bath snan
bathe (intransitive) uwaʔ
bathe (transitive) uwaʔ
battle jujhair
be a full-grown man kongher
be a grown woman konsel
be able pal
· saka
be about to esemteɽem
be about to bloom arnɖe
be absent akam
be advised samjhe
be afraid botoŋ
be alright bane
be annoyed ansay
· ɖahe
be approved majur
be attached laʔ
be attracted malaʔ
be awakened beroʔɖ
be beaten pasa
be beaten with a stick laʈhiyay
be bitten hapke
be black mogher
be blue bayʔni
be bored eʈheʔɖ
be born janam
· janme
· jorme
be born (of animals only) ghal
be bothered jhalay
be called ɲimi
be captured saɳke
be carried in a piece of cloth (of a child) hintor
be carried in the arms (of children) kunɖum
be carried off (by the wind) puŋ
· tuphaŋ
be carried on the back kakuʔj
be carried on the back (of a child) ghõɽci
be caught ʈike
be clean loreŋ
be clear cĩkɽo
be composed miʔɖ
be contained seʔ
be cooked isin
be counted kol
be covered khape
be created sirje
be crooked chanray
be cut seʔj
be cut or broken off ʈhũʈhi
be cut up khãɽo
be dashed into ɖhuse
be dashed to the ground paʈke
be demolished dhãse
be depleted ɖube
be destroyed harakait
· nas
· nase
be dirty koɖil
· moyla
be dragged ghisɽe
be drawn, etc. ɖiɲ
be drowned ɖube
be dug lay
be dug and removed (of grass, with a hoe) laʔj
be eldest jeʈha
be eliminated meʈe
be empty ajur
be encircled in the same dance mergheray
be entrusted jima
be envious puɖu
be fathomed thahe
be filled with desire lobhe
be fixed (of a date) ʈipʈhekan
be fixed (of a price) paʈe
be flattered lorhiyay
be forbidden barjhe
be found kui
· mile
be given back (of loaned goods) asul
be grabbed hethiye
be guilty gunah
be guzzled ɖhakar
be handed over sompay
be hard komheŋ
be harvested ubje
be heard onɖor
be held fast paʈpaʈe
be high jhaloŋ
be hindered aʈke
be honored main
· puja
be hugged kunɖum
be hung up ʈaŋe
be hung up (a poster) laʈke
be in a flurry akbakay
· haɽbaɽay
be in a hurry dhupaʔ
be in agreement with raji
be in or come into motion hile
be indecisive esemteɽem
be inlaid jaɽe
be investigated daɲje
be killed (of insects) gojaʔ
be knocked over (of liquids) ɖharnghay
be lacerated caʔɽe
be laid (of a design) jaɽe
be lame laŋgɽa
be late deri
be later loʔɖho
be lean sikhe
be led ɖoriye
be left baɲce
· choɽe
be leveled japay
be lifed up upul
be lifted tuphaŋ
be loaded onto something laʔdhe
be loosened ɖhilo
be loved dularay
be low-spirited ɖube
be many anet
be marked cinha
be mended (of a dam) rase
be mixed into (something) may
be named ɲimi
be near uʔbɖuʔ
be necessary cahi
· laʔ
be on the left leŋga
be on the lookout for yoɖuʔ
be or appear beautiful sobhe
be ordered hukum
be painted raŋgay
be painted/ tattooed khoda
be passed around cẽgacẽgi
· kindre
be patched (of clothing) tui
be pecked at ʈhoʈhke
be peeled laʔj
be peeled off koʔj
be peeled with a small hand-axe laʔ
be pierced bhoke
be placed on someone's lap paŋoʔɖ
be plagued bhiren
be plowed bidhe
be plowed (of a field) paɲjre
be plucked ɲam
be poked huɽe
be pound into pieces thom
be pounded with a stick (of unhusked rice) toʔbaʔ
be poured out ɖhare
be praised sonhor
be pregnant gebh
· poʈre
be presented hajir
be pressed and squeezed (of clothing while being washed) sepuɖ
be pressed down dab
be pricked toʔ
be protected sambhɽe
be pulled out of the ground jaʔ
be pushed ɖheklaʔ
· ʈhelaʔ
be put jatan
be put in order oɽiye
be ready to give one's life hathe
be red joŋgor
be removed hembuɖuʔ
be repeated dohoray
be reserved or timid due to shyness kukuʔj
be rubbed against ghãsay
be sacrificed (in the manner described above) õɽka
be sacrificed to suŋ
be saved baɲce
be scraped (of skin) kheliye
be scrubbed khokhre
be seen yo
be selected cunay
be seperated juda
be served sewa
be sewn suʔ
be sharpened jaʔɖ
be sheltered (of cows, goats, etc.) goʈhe
be shot ʈuɲ
be shot by bending the fingers back cẽgacẽgi
be sifted or mixed ulre
be small cuʈaʔɖ
be soaked in water guʔjɖaʔ
be soaked into the ground jare
be soft mulayam
be squeezed or pressed out teʔɖ
be starving hahray
be steered merhe
be stirred (of food) ghanʈe
be stitched poʔɖ
be stolen surum
be stopped aʈke
be stopped (of water) koŋ
be strained toŋ
be stuck into suʔb
be swallowed ɲol
be swept away (by the wind) ayur
be taken (of a handful, e.g. of rice) bokʈe
be taken down/away paŋ
be taken into bhorti
be tamed bui
be thatched teloŋ
be thin, weak, slender konkeʔ
be thrilled comke
be thrown ghal
· pheke
· tapaʔ
be thrown into the mouth phaŋka
be tied to a post khuʈay
be topsy-turvy ulʈe
be torn cacaʔ
be uncertain as to what to do thaham
be understood soʔj
be used as a prop (e.g. when standing up) khapa
be warmed by the sun ʈheker
be watered (of plants) paʈe
be weak kamjor
be whittled with a small hand-axe laʔ
be wide cakar
be wiped off and shaken off the hand teʔɖ
be wrapped around merhe
be(come) an old man kenɖorboʔ
be(come) applied (of oil on the skin) gosoʔ
be(come) beautiful sundar
be(come) big maha
be(come) childless nirbãs
be(come) content sasate
be(come) defeated hare
be(come) dirty koʈeʔ
be(come) eager jayɖam
be(come) flat usar
be(come) flattered mane
be(come) forgotten iriʔb
be(come) happy or pleased khus
be(come) hidden leʔɖ
be(come) lean roʈe
be(come) lost siʔɖ
be(come) lukewarm ruŋum
be(come) plastered jolom
be(come) pleasant (e.g. life) sebol
be(come) procured sama
be(come) pure sudom
be(come) red rusuŋ
be(come) rich kisro
be(come) shady loŋgoy
be(come) shy giyal
be(come) slippery joloɖ
be(come) soft lotem
be(come) spread phaile
be(come) sweet (e.g. food) sebol
be(come) tormented saʔdhe
be(come) youthful juban
be.sounded baje
beak ʈhor
beam (of wood) laiʈ
beans orsiŋ
bear banay
· bhalu
· jormay
· jharkul
bear children konɖuʔ
bear fruit luku
beard daɽhi
· gucu
bearded ɖaɽhiyal
bearer behera
beat gil
· tar
beat (grain, a person, etc.) pasa
beat a drum buʔ
beat with a stick laʈhiyay
· ʈempay
beating ginil
· mar
beating and killing mar piʈ
beating of the heart pulki
beautiful jhibri
· kelom
· loreŋ
· sundar
beautify sobha
beauty bes
· kelom
· sundarta
because jeki
· kahe
· thoŋ
because of karne
· khatir
because of (postposition) caʔɖo
· mare
become bane
· hoy
become (as) one moɲ
become (like) a child (e.g. an elderly person) konɖuʔ
become (naturally) filled with milk (of corn) dudhyay
become (partially) bald caɽray
become a curry cakhnaʔ
become a father aba
become a festival porob
become a fish kaɖoŋ
become a full moon punyom
become a Kharia jait
become a lie jhuʈh
become a little katiʔj
become a member of a family or clan natgot
become a mother ayo
become a price (e.g. when fixing a price in bargaining) giniŋ
become a prophet agam
become a servant ongher
become a table ʈebul
become a young adult adheɽ
become accustomed to genu
become alive jindagi
· jiwan
· jiyom
become alone eʔbloŋ
become alright bane
become amazed dande
become an ear (i.e., in myths) lutur
become an orphan balpos
· ʈuraʔb
become angry horoʔj
· kadray
· khisay
· naraj
· ragom
· raktay
become angry or jealous kuɽhe
become annoyed bikhre
become ashes kharom
become bad kharab
become bald ceʈhla
become bewitched osuŋ
· paŋgay
become blind andhra
· kãɽay
become blue lil
become blunt bokha
become blunt (knife) bothɽa
become bored puʔsaʔj
become brave ɖiɽhgar
become busy rajhay
become calm salsãt
become castrated khasi
become chained chande
become cheap sasta
become Christian kriscan
· khriscan
· misan
become clean saphay
become clean through cow dung gobray
become clear(ed) catre
become cleared (of clouds) pheriya
become cloth lutui
become cloudy tiriʔb
become clumpy jite
become cold ʈhanɖha
become cold (of food) basi
become collected jama
· jatne
· ʈhure
become complete goʈa
become confused dãdray
· ghabɽay
become content raji
become covered ɖal
· ɖil
become covered with paint paniye
become creased laʈke
become crooked apaŋ
· beŋka
become damp lemu
become dark ɲeloŋ
become deaf bohira
become deep (e.g. water in an irrigated field) gaʔɖɖha
become deep (e.g., water in a well or the ocean, not of holes, ditches, etc.) selhoŋ
become desirous lalce
become difficult moskil
become dirty keckeca
become dirty (of naturally found water) goyol
become dizzy bulsiŋ
become eager to fight are
become easy sebha
become empty ajur
· khali
· tomoŋ
become encircled (of hunted animals) chape
become enclosed into a stall (of animals) kur
become enough heʔbne
become envious puɖu
become expensive mahraŋ
become fair colored bemloŋ
become family (e.g. through marriage) kuʈum
become farther away ɖisaʔ
become fat moʔʈho
· musurdhum
become finished buŋ
· pure
become finished quickly usre
become first seŋ
become folded or crossed kuɲ
become fragrant mohke
become friends saŋgo
become frozen jame
become full beso
become good baru
· ʈhik
become hanging ʈaŋe
become happy lereʔ
· rase
· suʔkho
become hard just before ripening poʈhay
become hazy dhumel
become heavy kenɖhel
become hidden luke
become hindered rokʈok
become hot giriŋ
become hungry betoʔɖ
become immersed in bhorom
become improved sudhre
become incited uske
become inebriated are
become injured usuŋ
become intelligent hosiyar
become irritated khijre
become just sufficient ʈhoka
become keen (on doing something) rase
become keen on josay
become knowledgeable gyan
become lazy koɽhi
become light loyoɖ
become light (e.g. a room or the sky) patar
become light (of water) halka
become lit up by lighting a lamp tardi
become long jhelob
become loose ɖhilo
become lost bẽɽe
become loud jor
become many (people) doɽo
become mature sẽɽa
become me (e.g. in a movie, play, etc.)
become milk tomleŋ
become milky tomleŋ
become mine iɲaʔ
become morning mẽyaʔ
become much akhãɽ
· baɽa
become much/many jughay
become naked laŋʈa
become narrow sãkra
become nervous akbakay
· dukuʔj
· higiɽdigiɽ
become new tonme
become night iɖiʔb
become nudged thure
become old bair
become only half-cooked ulhe
become over-ripe mata
become plastered (of a wall, etc.) potay
become plundered samse
become poor garib
become pregnant laʔj
· ɲeri
become pulverized kuca
become purified, etc. ruci
become quick jaldi
become quiet athir
· cupcap
become ready sampɽe
· tayar
become ready (when dressing) sampɽe
become ready quickly sore
become ready quicklyCausative sobre
become revived arje
become rinsed (of the mouth, direct case) puʔjɖaʔ
become ripe by heat urum
become rough khaskhasa
· rukhɽa
become ruined bagɽe
become sad kharab
· roɖ
· roʔɖ
become scared camke
become scattered chiʈe
become scraped chochre
become sharp cokhay
· loŋ
become sharpened paniye
become short ɖoɽeʔj
become short (i.e. of a tree after having been cut) jaʔti
become shy sakoʔj
become sick bimar
· kosu
become silent guŋga
become skinny reŋreʈa
become slightly moist lomjim
become slow dhirom
become small konon
become smeared laʈpaʈay
become smooth samthar
become soft koɽom
· naram
become sour rojoʔɖ
become spicy hot osoŋ
become sticky laʈh
become still bhuriyay
· korob
become straight seŋhor
become strained chãɽe
become strong boryar
· pokta
become stronger jor
become stuffed or closed up munde
become stupid bhakuwa
become sufficient ɖoŋ
become sunny uben
become surprised eɖheɖ
· koway
become sweet joʔmeŋ
become thatched ɲim
become thin sakura
become thirsty betoɖɖaʔ
become thus ughay
become tired loyoʔ
· thaʔke
become tired and aching ʈaʈay
become torn cacaʔ
become true soʔtoʔ
become two dui
· ubar
become unconscious lelem
become unhappy kharab
become untied kaʔj
become warm giriŋ
· ɲem
· oɽe
· pogim
· urum
· usum
become warm (of water) loʔb
become warmed by the sun tape
become water(y) ɖaʔ
become weak rogay
become wet suʔɖ
become white osel
become wrapped or
become X-o'clock baje
become yellow piyar
· saŋ
become yesterday iɖaʔ
become you (e.g. in a drama) am
bed bichawna
· khaʈi
· palki
bed sheet ɖisna
bedbug tonkeʔɖ
bedding benel
bedstead khaʈi
bee hive chatna
· terom chatna
beetle which lives off dung bhuŋbhuŋgi
before seŋ
before dawn ɲuɖum
beg or ask for money ughay
beggar borjaʔ
begin absiʔb
· laʔ
begin (intransitive) suru
begin (neutral) mãɽe
begin (transitive) suru
begin to fall asleep repeatedly (when one is trying to stay awake) mukum
begin to fight hele
beginning absiʔb
· munu
· osãgaʔj
· ʈhekan
behaviour beohar
· lachan
behind kunɖaʔb
· pachli
belch ɖhekaray
Belgium beljiam
believe kaɳiʔj
· kãɖij
· mane
believe (strongly) kaɳiʔj
· kãɖij
bell ghanʈa
bell (small) ghanʈi
bellows capuwa
belly laʔj
belonging to the [Kharia] tribe kuʈumati
beloved dular
below heʈhe
· tuta
bend apaŋ
bend (intransitive) ɖuʔj
· lahsay
· newe
· ulhe
bend (intransitive) down laphe
bend (something) down laphay
bend (transitive) beŋka
· ɖuʔj
· lahsay
· neway
· ulhay
bend down henɖuŋ
bend over henɖuŋ
· hinduŋ
bend someone kaɖuʔ
bending (noun) baɖuʔj
benefactive (Aktionsart marker V2) kay
benefactor hitakari
Bengal baŋal
· beŋgal
BENGIVE (Aktionsart marker V2) ter
bent apaŋ
· beŋka
· ɖheŋko
· keʈoŋ
· kub
· lekoʔ
berry irin
betel leaf pan
betel nut kasayli
· supari
better behtar
beware! khabardar
bewitch osuŋ
· paŋgay
bhang argoʔ
bhaŋ bhaŋ
Bible baybal
bicycle saikil
bid farewell (transitive) bida
big baɽa
· boɽe
· ikuɖ
· jabar
· maha
big boat ɖoŋga
big cavity in a tree ɖhoɖhro
big clay pot mõɖi
big gonbiɖ ɖali
big rope pagha
billy goat bota
bind chande
· tol
· toy
bird konʈheʔɖ
bird (a kind of) chikchiki
· khapu
bird (toppo) ʈoʔpo
bird's call (onomatopoetic) rãya
birth janam
birth-place jormeʈhaɳo
bit kuʈi
bita bita
bite hapkay
· kãwar
· kheʔɖ
· soy
bitter ompeŋ
· rojoʔɖ
bitter (metaph.) osoŋ
bitter gourd karayla
black kal
· karhaini
· mogher
black ant muʔjɖaʔ
· ʈoʈo
black fruit (a kind of) ɖurib
black gram maso
black-and-white kaseya
blacken mogher
blacksmith naygom
blacksmith (caste) lohra
blade dharo
blade of grass or straw ponɖoʔɖ
blame uruy
blanket dhus
· kambɽa
blaze dhadhke
bleat hakɽe
bleat (of oxen) hãkande
blemish koɖil
blessing asis
· barkait
blind andhra
· kãɽay
blind someone kãɽay
blinking jhakamaka
· rapiʔɖ
block someone's way aʔɖe
· huɽmuɽay
blood iɲam
blood (relatives) weseɖ
blood (shed) khun
blood-sucker jõk
· ɲelwa
bloom gole
· raʔ
blossom maɲjar
· raʔ
blossom (of fruit, e.g. mango) maɲjre
blow dhukay
blow dust into something oroŋ
blow hard umper
blow or play a pipe or horn peʔɖ
blow up dust (of wind or people) tapaʔ
blue lil
· nila
boar baragh
· kanɖaŋ
board (wooden) phali
boat (small) ɖoloŋ
· ɖoŋgi
bob phudena
body ɲeri
boil bhaʔpu
· loʔb
· uluʔ
boil (intransitive, of rice) ɖokaɽaʔ
boil (noun) uju
boil (transitive, rice) ɖokaɽaʔ
boil below the heel kuci
boil too long bhaʔpu
boisterous rasika
bolt (small) kuci
bone haɽ
· jaŋ
book kitaʔb
· pothi
· pustak
boom dilke
border dosiyara
· simana
bore (transitive) puʔsaʔj
bore or pierce ears toʔ
bore someone loyoʔ
bored ansay
born jormal
borrow poĩca
· saka
· udhra
boss (noun) leʔbɖom
· malik
both bariya
bother jhalay
bothered higiɽdigiɽ
bottle botol
bottom pendar
· tuta
· thah
bottomside pendar
boundary simana
boundary line ghera
bow kaʔ
bow (a kind of) saraŋkaʔ
bow (in respect) kuɖuŋ
bowels poʈa
bowl (noun) ɖubni
bow-string panic
box peʈi
boy babu
· beʈa
· beʔʈ
· boyo
· jawan
· konɖuʔ
· kongher
boy (vocative) boyo
boy's hair roʔɖlui
braid (hair)
braids cõwri
brain godi
· magaj
branch ɖahura
· hara
branch (noun) ɖair
branch (small one used as a prop for creepers) jhãk
branch out ɖair
brass pitar
· piʔtoɽo
brave bir
· ɖiɽhgar
· mahabir
· niɖar
bravery ɖiɽhgar
bread koloŋ
break (intransitive) bhosɽe
· paʔ
· piʔj
break (transitive) paʔ
· piʔj
break fruit open luʔj
break or snap (of rope) teʔj
break or snap a rope by pulling on it too hard teʔj
breakfast nasta
breaking bhang
breast chati
· maɲoŋ
breath sãs
breathe humsay
breathe air into something humber
brick ĩʈa
brick baking oven bhaʈha
bride dulhin
· kanĩya
bride price giniŋtaŋ
bridegroom dulha
· rasika
bridge pul
bridle lagam
brilliant camkila
bring ɖoʔɖ
· ol
· olsoʔol
· uɖuŋ
bring across paro
bring across (e.g. a river) lagay
bring close pase
bring near heʔpaʔɖ
bring someone to agree paʈay
bring something closer to something else uʔbɖuʔ
bring to an end buŋay
· khatam
bring to this/that/etc. side rochoʔb
bring together bhiray
· milay
bristly khaskhasa
bronze kãsa
brook jhariya
broom jonoʔ
brother bhai
· kulam
brother (first) bhai
brother's family larjhar
brother-in-law boker
· jija
brown maʈmaila
brush anargi
brush one's own teeth anargi
brush someone else's teeth (e.g. of a child) anargi
brush up against something/someone sãʈe
bubble boʈo
Buchanania latifolia (tree) car
bucket balʈi
buffalo boŋtel
· bhoĩs
bug which lives in beds tonkeʔɖ
bugle biŋgul
build bay
· bel
bull bagoha
· ẽɽiya
· sãɖh
bullet goli
bullshit landarphandar
bump against something poʔ
bump into ɖhusay
bump into someone (accidentally) huɽmuɽay
bump into someone (on purpose) huɽmuɽay
bump the head against something sãʈe
bumped against ɖhuse
bundle moʈari
· poʈom
bungalow baŋgla
burden bharo
burial ceremony kaman
burial ground ranaʔb
· ranaʔb-raʔb
burial of the bones tinil-jaŋ
buried gaɽhal
burn goroʔɖ
· jereʔɖ
· salge
burn (intransitive) geʔb
burn (of a candle) dage
burn (transitive) jaray
burn oneself loʔb
burn someone loʔb
burp ɖhekaray
burst puʈe
burst (intransitive, e.g. fruits, pots, etc.) caʈke
burst (transitive) caʈkay
bury til
· til-jaŋ
bury (a dead body) raʔb
bush jhũɽ
busy udhmat
busy with rase
but lekin
· magar
· muda
But of course! oɖoʔ umboʔ laʔ utphaʔ
butterfly pampla
· phamphlaʔ
· titli
buttocks capal
· kharpaʈ
button baʈom
buy soŋ
buzz (of bees) bhunbhunay
by any means bhersak
by means of duwara
by means of (postposition) bole