A - a

a   K:open. come on!; let's go!

a-   K:func. correlative; which; what.

a   K:interj. Oh!

a-   K:func. interrogative.

a-   I:func. negation.

a-   K:DERIV.

ab   Variant: aʔb. I:open. now.

aba   Variant: apa; ap; ab; abba. I:open. accept someone as a father; become a father; father.

abkir   I:open. this time. Variant: abrik; abki.

absiʔb   K:open. begin; beginning. Variant: absib; absiph; aʔbsiʔb; absibph.

abu   Variant: ; a. K:func. modal negation; do not!; don't!

abhaga   I:open. unfortunate person.

ac   Variant: ãc; anc. I:open. flame; heat from flame.

acka   Variant: acaka; acanak. I:open. do suddenly; happen suddenly; sudden.

acha   Variant: accha. I:interj. Good!; O.k.!

aɖi   Variant: ; ; aɽi; aʔɖ. K:func. anaphoric proform; third-person singular proform; he; she; it.

aɖiki   Variant: aɖki; hoki; uki; hinki; hanki. K:func. third-person plural proform; they.

aɖikiyar   Variant: aɖkiyar; hokiyar; ukiyar; hinkiyar; hankiyar. K:func. third-person dual proform; they (dual).

aɖɽo   Variant: adɽo. K:open. child.

aɖhaŋ   K:open. countenance.

aɖhaŋ   K:open. such; so much.

adi   I:open. etc.; et cetera.

adrak   I:open. ginger.

adha   K:open. half.

adharait   K:open. midnight.

adheɽ   Variant: adher. I:open. become a young adult; young adult (noun).

agam   Variant: agambakta. I:open. make someone a prophet; become a prophet; prophet (noun).

agar   I:func. if.

agaʔ   I:open. top (noun).

agur   I:open. watch over; guard; wait; watchful.

aguwa   I:open. mediator; match-maker.

agya   I:open. order; command (noun).

ahambaʔ   K:open. incapable (of); useless.

ahambaʔ   K:open. common; everyday; normal.

ahar   I:open. food.

ahɖanɖ   K:open. independent.

ain   I:open. rule; plan.

aisan   I:open. such (attribute).

aja   I:open. paternal grandfather.

ajad   I:open. free.

ajam   I:open. much.

ajeʔ   K:func. correlative; which; what.

ajgar   I:open. python.

aji   I:open. paternal grandmother; sister-in-law.

ajoʔɖ   K:open. dry up. Variant: ajoɖ; ajoʔʈh.

ajub   I:open. astonished.

ajur   I:open. be empty; empty from one pot to another; change; become empty.

akaɖ   Variant: ukuɖ. I:open. disgust.

akal   I:open. famine.

akam   I:open. be absent.

akbakay   I:open. make someone nervous; become nervous; uptight; panic (noun); be in a flurry.

akcaka   I:open. suddenly.

akel   K:open. turn around.

akeʔɖ   K:open. chew. Variant: akeɖ; akeʈh.

akil   Variant: akal. I:open. think; thought; knowledge; mind; reasoning.

akhãɽ   Variant: akhaɽ; akhaɳ. K:open. make much; thick; dense; become much; thick; dense; deep. Variant: akhaɽ.

akhir   I:open. end (transitive); end (intransitive); end (noun); finally; in the end; last (adjective).

akhɽa   Variant: akhra; akɽa. I:open. dancing place.

akhuwa   Variant: okhuwa. K:open. make something sprout (e.g. by planting and watering it); sprout.

al   K:open. stay.

al   K:open. secret.

alag   I:open. separate (adjective); independent.

alam   K:open. dew.

alar   K:open. love (permanently); love (for a shorter time); love (noun).

alaybalay   K:open. unpeaceful; restless.

alchri   I:open. last (adjective).

aleŋ   Variant: aleŋga. K:open. yet; not yet; until.

algaʈ   K:open. clear; clearly.

aliɖ   K:open. net; rope container.

aloŋ   K:open. song; sing (seldom); sing.

alsi   K:open. axe.

alsoʔ   K:open. pull up rice plants at harvest-time.

alu   I:open. yam; potato.

am   K:open. make someone you; become you (e.g. in a drama); you; second-person singular proform.

amas   I:open. new moon.

ambar   K:open. second-person dual proform; honorific proform (second-person); you (dual).

amkuʔɖ   Variant: jamkuʔɖ. K:open. group (noun).

amoʔɖ   Variant: amuʔɖ; amun. K:open. wash someone else's face; wash one's own face. Variant: amoɖ; amoʈh.

ampe   K:func. second-person plural proform; you (plural).

   K:open. dawn; clear (of the sky).

   I:open. yawn; open the mouth.

aŋabɖaʔ   Variant: aŋgaɖaʔ. I:open. yawn; stretc.h (intransitive).

aŋanbaɽi   I:open. nursery school; kindergarten.

aŋgre   K:open. promise; promise (noun).

aŋgri   Variant: aŋri. I:open. finger; toe.

aŋk   I:open. active (of a play).

aŋkal   K:open. rice (i.e., low) field; property.

aŋkay   I:open. field.

aŋkel   K:open. turn around (transitive); turn around (intransitive).

aŋku   K:open. put a gamcha 'chaddar' or cloth around someone else; put a chaddar etc. on oneself; wear a chaddar etc.; chaddar.

aŋsiʔ   Variant: . I:open. open the mouth.

aɲjor   Variant: anjor. K:open. front; forward; origin; lead; proceed; move forward; leadership; future.

ana   I:open. anna.

anaŋ   K:open. first-person dual proform (inclusive); we (dual, inclusive).

anand   I:open. joy.

anargi   K:open. brush someone else's teeth (e.g. of a child); brush one's own teeth; brush; toothpick; toothbrush.

anaʔmanaʔ   I:open. certain; of some kind or other; very beautiful.

anbujhiya   I:open. thoughtless; inexperienced; unknowing; non-understanding.

anɖa   I:open. lay an egg; egg. Variant: ãɽa.

anɖor   K:open. make lots of noise.

anɖu   I:open. testicle.

anɖuwair   K:open. placenta; afterbirth.

andaj   I:open. guess; conjecture; knowledge.

andhra   I:open. make blind; become blind; blind.

ane   interj. well.

anes   K:open. many.

anet   Variant: anait. I:open. be many; very.

ani   I:?. come on! Variant: a.

aniŋ   K:open. we (inclusive); first-person plural proform (inclusive). Variant: aniɲ; anĩ.

aniti   I:open. dishonest.

anjan   I:open. unknown person; unknowing; unknown.

anmekha   open. dissolute.

ansay   Variant: ansa. I:open. be annoyed; dissatisfied; bored; annoyance.

anʈa   Variant: ãʈa. K:open. duration of time (specific).

anʈsanʈ   I:open. inappropriate.

anusar   I:func. according to.

apaŋ   K:open. make crooked; bend; become crooked; bent; hunched.

apan   Variant: apon. I:func. Variant: apn. reflexive; oneself; one's own.

aphat   I:open. trouble (noun).

aphsos   I:open. regret; sorrow.

aɽay   K:open. grass.

aɽki   K:open. lay on the side; lie on the side.

aɽmaɽay   Variant: armaray. I:open. hesitate.

ar   K:open. weigh.

arab   K:open. poor.

arabɖuʔ   K:open. poor; poor thing; orphan.

aram   Variant: aramɖom. K:open. son-in-law.

aram   I:open. comfort.

araŋ   K:open. pour (rice, grain, etc.) into a pot.

araŋgaɽaŋ   I:open. make someone speak crazily (e.g. rice beer); speak crazily; speaking crazily.

araŋgar   K:open. immaculate.

are   K:open. descend.

are   I:interj. vocative.

are   K:open. become eager to fight; prepare to fight; become inebriated.

arel   Variant: aɽel. K:open. hail (stone).

argamjargam   I:open. backwards; reversed.

argoʔ   K:open. bhang.

argoʔ   K:open. carrying stick.

ari   I:open. saw (noun).

arj   Variant: arja. I:open. Aryan.

arjay   I:open. revive (transitive).

arje   I:open. become revived.

arji   I:open. prayer.

arjowar   I:open. India; Aryavarta; inhabitants of Aryavarta; Indian.

arkhi   I:open. liquor.

arloʔ   Variant: areloʔ. K:open. north.

arɲoʔ   Variant: araɲoʔ; arɲõʔ. K:open. graze.

arnɖay   K:open. cause to bloom.

arnɖe   K:open. be about to bloom.

arthat   I:conj. namely; i.e.; that is.

aru   I:open. yam.

asal   I:open. truth; real; genuine; true.

asali   I:open. true; genuine.

ased   I:open. much; too much.

asepase   I:open. nearby.

asintay   K:open. next year.

asis   I:open. blessing.

asra   I:open. hope; expectation.

asudhya   I:open. impure.

asul   K:open. pay back a loan (of money or rice, etc.); be given back (of loaned goods).

aʈkar   I:open. feel; think; understand; know; assumption; conjecture; approximately.

aʈkay   I:open. stop (transitive); hinder.

aʈke   K:open. stop (intransitive); be hindered; be stopped.

aʈpaʈa   K:open. strange.

aʈh   I:open. eight.

aʈhara   I:open. eighteen.

aʈhasi   I:open. eighty-eight.

aʈhwã   I:open. eigth.

at-   K:func. correlative.

ata   K:open. what.

ata   K:func. correlative; which.

ate   K:func. where; where (correlative).

atiʔj   K:func. where; whither (correlative); otherwise.

atma   I:open. soul; spirit.

atu   K:func. where (interrogative); where (correlative).

atha   K:open. heavy.

athir   Variant: sthir. I:open. quiet someone down (e.g. throuh medicine); become quiet; peaceful (e.g. throuh medication).

avaj   I:open. voice.

aw   K:func. qualitative predication (not present tense).

aw   K:open. live; remain; stay.

awa   I:open. potter's kiln; furnace.

awal   K:open. very good; healthy.

awal gel   I:open. guest.

awjar   I:open. tool.

awkaɽ   K:open. neighbour.

ayij   K:func. (Non-inherent qualities) qualitative predication. Variant: ayiʔjɖ; ayijɖ; aijɖ; ayiʔj; aj; ajɖ; aij; aʔj; aɳiʔj; aɽiʔj; ãɽiʔj; aɽij; ãɽij; aɳiʔj; aɖij.

ayna   I:open. mirror.

ayo   Variant: ayu. I:open. mother; accept someone as a mother; become a mother. Variant: yo.

ayo apaki   I:open. parents.

ayur   Variant: ayul. K:open. sweep away (transitive, of the wind); be swept away (by the wind).

ayyub   I:open. job.

-aʔ   Variant: . K:func. restrictive focus (nonstandard).

-aʔ   Variant: -yaʔ; ; -waʔ; -wa; -a; -ya; -gaʔ. K:func. genitive.

aʔbar   K:func. negation (imperative); negation optative.

aʔɖe   K:open. stay; remain; stand firm; wait; block someone's way;

aʔdho   I:open. half.

aʔj   Variant: aj. K:open. squirt; splash (someone).

aʔpe   Variant: aʔphe; ape. K:func. modal negation; don't!; do not!