O - o

oath kira
obey ayum
· hewa
occupation kʌbaɽ
October desera
odour bowe
of great value maŋga
of others dusara
of this ene
offer sacrifice perej
offering by entire village to smallpox goddess ghuŋgʌri
officer saebo
oh! ay
· he
oil sunum
ointment molom
old juna
old enough to graze the cattle pʌrkiya
old grass and leaves of thatched roof puso
old greeting juwar
old name for Ellichpur which was a military camp still used by Korkus sawni
old way of braiding carmuru
old woman ɖukari
older brother ɖaiʈe
omniscience kʌlla
on aliɲen
· liɲ
· liyen
on account of ãʈin
· ɖakon
· hoʈa
· mar
on top of aliɲen
once mya-yepan
once more aru
one iʈhaj
· -mi
· mikom
· miyaʔ
one by one mimʌya
one elected by village to carry on village business mamor
one hundred sʌɖɖi
one of a team of players guwĩ
one row of cut rice heaped up luɽi
one side ɖer
one who becomes angry soon khiɲjuku
one who uses taboo names of in-laws ʈondari
onion kanɖe
· kãɖe
only khali
· nira
· phʌkto
only that kind niseɳɖa
open ɖuɳɖɽa
· iʈi
· kolaʔ
· nij
open as a trunk ɖuɳɖɽa
open by stone ʈheckiba
open door or box nije-nije
open eyes nenel
· ʈigar
open mouth ʈigar
open mouth wide cakhab
open of itself khulaʈiɲ
open space between walls and roof kʌcuri
open space in front of the house darom
opening cabu
opinion akhar
opium apho
oppression jʌbɽai
or baken
· bhʌla
· ɖo
· ki
order hukom
· kalji
ornament for the head takhan
ornament of the neck ʈagli
orphan puri
· puri-kere
ostrich shayer
other nira
otherwise ba
· baken
· mapen
· mʌrwan
outside baer
· bʌllan
oven for baking bread ʈʌwa
over shadow sai
over there huŋan
overflow er
overtake aphal
owl (large) ɖhuɳɖura
· gugghu
owl (small) ɖʌɖa